BC Library Book Club Sets

What is a BC Library Book Club Set?

Book clubs can request multiple copies of books through interlibrary loan (ILL), however, many book clubs enjoy reading newer books and most libraries don't lend new books through ILL. Libraries are making these particular sets of books available so that book clubs can read new books, have the books for 5 weeks instead of the usual 2-3, and avoid having to buy their own copies.

Librarians also believe that in every book lies the potential that it will change someone's life, and that those chances increase when people talk about the ideas they've been reading about. If you're in a book club, you need the kind of reading material that will generate great conversation. We librarians guarantee that every single book on our list contains many seeds for those kinds of memorable conversations.

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How much does it cost?

Book Club Sets are free for library members.

Who chooses the books?

Books are chosen by a combination of librarians and people like you. If you have a reading suggestion, please tell someone at your library. Once a year, libraries get to suggest books that will be purchased for the program in the coming 12 months.

What if the book you want isn't on the Book Club Set list?

If the book is more than a year old, you may be able to request enough copies through ILL. Please tell someone at your library so that we know what you want! If it's a new book, it might be one we buy in our next round of book club set shopping.

How does your book club request a set of books?

The library needs to make the request for you, so please ask us for books you want.

How many copies can you borrow?

You can request either 5 or 10 copies of a book. If you need more copies, please ask us if more might be available through interlibrary loan.

How long can we have the books?

Book clubs can have books for 5 weeks. Because other groups reserve sets you can't renew books.

What happens if the book we want isn't available?

We call or email to let you know. At that time, you can request either a different book or a different date to read the original one.

Can we reserve the books ahead of time?

Yes! And that's a good way of making sure you'll have the books when you want to read them. Let your library know as soon as possible that you want a certain set.