Gadget Instruction

What is a Gadget?

A "gadget" refers to a small handheld device or a portable computer.

How much does it cost?

Appointments are free for library members.

What are the benefits of gadget instruction?

We offer gadget instruction in an effort to help you access books and information more effectively. We can teach you how to use your device to download library materials, access library resources online, and improve your ability to find information.

How do I register for a Gadgets appointment?

You can telephone, email (using the form below), or speak to us in person to arrange a date and time for your appointment.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Bring your gadget! If you do not have a gadget, we can provide instruction and allow you to borrow gadgets we have on hand at the library.

What will happen during my appointment?

We offer individual assistance by appointment. The aspect of your gadget that we talk about is up to you. Most often we help patrons use our online resources, such as eBooks. Before handling your device, you will need to sign a waiver releasing liability.

How long are appointments?

In most cases, we limit appointments to 30 minutes.


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