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Library Hours

  • Monday 10am - 5pm
  • Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 8pm
  • Friday 10am - 5pm
  • Saturday 10am - 4pm
  • The Library is closed on Sundays
    and statutory holidays
  • 1505 Bay Ave
  • Trail, BC V1R 4B2
  • Phone: (250) 364-1731
  • Email:

BC Library Book Club Sets

View the list of Book Club Sets (in PDF).

What is a BC Library Book Club Set?

Book clubs can request multiple copies of books through interlibrary loan (ILL), however, many book clubs enjoy reading newer books and most libraries don't lend new books through ILL. Libraries are making these particular sets of books available so that book clubs can read new books, have the books for 5 weeks instead of the usual 2-3, and avoid having to buy their own copies.

Librarians also believe that in every book lies the potential that it will change someone's life, and that those chances increase when people talk about the ideas they've been reading about. If you're in a book club, you need the kind of reading material that will generate great conversation. We librarians guarantee that every single book on our list contains many seeds for those kinds of memorable conversations.

How much does it cost?

Book Club Sets are free for library members.

Who chooses the books?

Books are chosen by a combination of librarians and people like you. If you have a reading suggestion, please tell someone at your library. Once a year, libraries get to suggest books that will be purchased for the program in the coming 12 months.

What if the book you want isn't on the Book Club Set list?

If the book is more than a year old, you may be able to request enough copies through ILL. Please tell someone at your library so that we know what you want! If it's a new book, it might be one we buy in our next round of book club set shopping.

How does your book club request a set of books?

The library needs to make the request for you, so please ask us for books you want.

How many copies can you borrow?

You can request either 5 or 10 copies of a book. If you need more copies, please ask us if more might be available through interlibrary loan.

How long can we have the books?

Book clubs can have books for 5 weeks. Because other groups reserve sets you can't renew books.

What happens if the book we want isn't available?

We call or email to let you know. At that time, you can request either a different book or a different date to read the original one.

Can we reserve the books ahead of time?

Yes! And that's a good way of making sure you'll have the books when you want to read them. Let your library know as soon as possible that you want a certain set.


Funny Business

Summer Reading 2015 theme is ‘Build It’ Open to children ages 6 to 12.

Schedule - TBA


Gadgets: Exploring eReading at the Library

We have eBooks. Come to the library to learn how to use our electronic book collection. Download books to your computer, tablet, eReader, or smart phone to read at your convenience. eBooks are easy to use. There are no late fees and they are available 24 hours a day through our website. Sound good? Then attend one of our training sessions to learn more!

Just the basics

  • Access our electronic library from our website
  • Sign in to Library to Go, our e-book collection
  • Browse our collection of fiction, non-fiction and children's titles in eBook and eAudiobook formats
  • Learn how to check out or reserve an eBook
  • See how to download and listen to eAudiobooks in our collection
  • Learn about the apps that help you read your eBook or listen to your eAudiobook on your computer or device

Try our eReaders

  • Hands on exploration and informal interaction with the library's Nook eReaders
  • See what reading using an eReader is like
  • Learn how to navigate books and make bookmarks to return to later
  • Adjust the text size and font of your eBook

eAudiobooks in the spotlight

  • Explore the library's collection of online eAudiobooks
  • Learn how to use our free software to listen to eAudiobooks you download
  • Learn how to search for eAudiobooks in our Library to Go collection
  • Play a sample of an eAudiobook before you check it out
  • See how to make a CD of some eAudiobooks for your own use

Schedule - TBA


Essential Skills Services

Essential skills are a foundation for learning and can help you evolve with your job and adapt to workplace change. They are needed for work, learning and life. There are several local providers of essential skills services, including the Ashland Training Centre, Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, and The Skills Centre, as well as Decoda Literacy Solutions.

Are you aware that the library offers free access to computers and the Internet? Also, through the Pacific Community Networks Association Community Access Program Youth Internship, the library offers free computer training and support by request.

Do you have questions about available skills upgrading services in Trail?

Service Provider Website Contact Person Phone / Email Location
Ashland Training Centre Visit Website Stephanie Allen - Programs Manager/ Facilitator 250-365-0966 / Suite #140, 8100 Rock Island Highway (Waneta Plaza) Trail
Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy Visit Website Sonia Tavares, Coordinator 250-921-7289 Selkirk College Room 205, 900 Helena St., Trail
Decoda Literacy Solutions Visit Website Decoda Literacy Solutions 604-681-4199 / 560 - 510 Burrard St., Vancouver
The Skills Centre Visit Website Sheryl Gnyp, Workshop Coordinator/Employment Counsellor 250-368-6360 / 123 - 1290 Esplanade St., Trail


Ashland Training Centre Essential Skills Services

Are you looking for a job?

Visit the Ashland Training Centre computer centre for access to computers ($10 per day), Microsoft Office, and the Internet, or to take an Introduction to Computers course for $65 or a Microsoft Office course for $242.

Are you 18 or over, unemployed, and not a student?

Through the Work Opportunities Referral and Connections program, you will obtain an assessment, skills development, funds for training, training, income support, and work experience.

Are you between 55 and 64, and unemployed?

Through the Opportunities for Mature Workers program, you will obtain a learning assessment, skills upgrading, funds for training, training, work experience, or assistance to become self-employed.

Are you under-employed, self-employed, or unemployed?

Visit the Ashland Training Centre for information about the Short Term Trades Training program.

Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy Essential Skills Services

The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) is a not-for-profit organization formed in 2001 to promote literacy and lifelong learning throughout the Columbia Basin and Boundary regions. CBAL partners with community organizations to develop, promote, and deliver services to help citizens of all ages improve their literacy skills and engage in life-long learning. For information about CBAL programs, please visit their website or call them at 250-921-7289.

Do you need to upgrade your reading, math, or other essential skills?

Visit the Community Learning Place to get one-on-one help with

  • Basic computers,
  • Reading and writing,
  • Math,
  • English,
  • Test preparation (for example, a driver’s licence), or
  • Citizenship and finding out about the community.

Decoda Literacy Solutions Services

Decoda Literacy Solutions is the leading literacy organization (working with a coordinated network) in British Columbia. Decoda provides resources (through its website, library and online shop) and professional development opportunities to identify and address community-based literacy and learning priorities.

Are you a literacy instructor, tutor, learner, researcher, community worker, or anyone interested in literacy?

Visit to

  • Access our lending library to search the catalogue, read reviews of literacy materials, or get reference help,
  • Shop for texts, CDs and other literacy resources available for sale, or
  • Learn about the literacy conference bringing together literacy outreach coordinators, literacy practitioners, and others working in and interested in the field of literacy, workshops, and expert panels

The Skills Centre Essential Skills Services

Are you a job seeker 16 years or older unemployed or working less than 19 hours per week?

Obtain one-to-one appointments with Career Counsellors for assessment of skills, career planning, job application help, job search, interview help, and referrals to training opportunities and service providers.

Are you an immigrant?

To learn about Skills Connect for immigrants, for assistance with skills assessment, career counselling, job seeking skills, introduction to workplace culture, training funds, and assistance with certification and networking, contact Karina at 250‐368‐6360, 866‐368‐6360, or Skills Connect is for clients who may not have high-school-level education or work experience, as well as those with higher levels of education and experience. Whether you have skills and experience already, or need to acquire skills before seeking employment, Karina looks forward to helping you. For more information, visit

Are you a business or organization looking to improve the essential skills of your employees?

Funds are provided through the Targeted Skills Shortage program for employees to take appropriate training with the assistance of a training coordinator.

Are you an employer looking to hire?

The Wage Subsidy program helps employers with costs incurred during the training period for new employees and individuals who could benefit from on-the-job experience. It helps offset the cost of hiring a new employee by covering up to 50% of wage costs while a new worker is being trained. It can also be tailored to help an employer accommodate a worker with a disability. For more information, visit

Are you a employer with new immigrant employees?

The Welcoming Communities program helps employers integrate new immigrants into the workplace by facilitating workshops as well as one-on-one instruction. For more information, visit

Are you a Teck employee or family?

The Teck Learning and Wellness Centre encourages Teck employees to be life-long learners. They provide a variety of courses from photography to hunter training. Teck believes that as long as you are learning, you are growing and will support you in that growth. On behalf of Teck (Trail Operations), The Skills Centre manages the Teck Learning and Wellness Centre. For more information, contact Megan Olson at 250-364-4135 or, or visit


Community Learning Place

Visit the Community Learning Place at Selkirk College to upgrade your essential skills. Essential Skills refers to the nine literacy and essential skills needed for work, learning, and life identified by the Government of Canada's Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), including:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Document use
  • Numeracy
  • Computer use
  • Thinking
  • Oral communication
  • Working with others
  • Continuous learning

For more information about essential skills, visit the HRSCD's Literacy and Essential Skills site.

The Community Learning Place is a free drop-in program. For more information, call 250-364-6405 or 250-368-5236.